Through creative ideas and innovative designs engineers and geoscientists make life better.

You can’t have a road trip without a car.

Thanks to the imagination and designs of engineers and geoscientists your car is fueled, polished and ready to hit the safe and smooth highways.

You can drink the water from your tap.

Engineers and geoscientists do an ocean of work to make sure that every drop of drinking water is successfully delivered to your home and fit to quench your thirst, whenever you want a glass.

You can put sparkle into your celebrations.

Geoscientists and engineers see the past, present and future of every piece of rock and soil. The impact of our work on your daily life - and your most joyous celebrations - is priceless.

You can keep the lights on at night.

When it comes to light bulbs geoscientists and engineers are switched on. They think about light bulbs so you don’t have to, until they go out and need replacing.